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Raw milk is the way to go. Raw milk from a healthy goat is pure gold.

It does not matter what people filled with fear or with greed for money tell, it is the truth and the truth is only one.
People filled with fear (mainly by the TV and other media propaganda) will shriek at you when you talk about raw milk because they were programmed to fear anything that is natural and has the capacity to make them healthy and wise.
People filled with greed for money (big companies and their marketers) will tell you ANYTHING to make you buy their heavily processed and dead milk produced by tortured and mutated animals. They will draw you a nice, happy picture, they will make you believe that their “milk” is the best for you and your loved ones and so on… all for what? to take your cash and add them to their luxurious, unhealthy lifestyle. Their greed makes them completely cold towards their fellow human beings and their health.

The beauty of raw milk is in its simplicity and the connection it has with creating and sustaining life. It is MADE for it.

Its single life purpose of milk is to nourish the young and fragile baby and uplift all the powers within it.

In its raw form it is needed by the newly born mortal body because it has everything it needs to empower it and let it grow. If babies (human or animal) did not drink raw milk from their mothers they simple die. Read it again.

When you take such a divine gift and you put it in the context of mass producing with the sole purpose of profit you destroy it, and an energy that destroys something is surely not healthy and nourishing. Big companies mutate animals to produce more milk, they take that mutated milk and they further process it by hard boiling for long periods of time, then they homogenize it, put it in plastic-toxic bottles and a nice, sale producing label directly from their marketing department and sell it to unsuspecting victims (they call them consumers).

If you want to put in your mortal temple, your body, dead and toxic products then by all means go buy them,
BUT, if you respect yourself and others (including the animals that give you their milk) then do something about it.
It does not have to be something big from the start, just a start. For example, start buying non homogenized milk then move on to buying it from a local farm you trust and so on.

Raw milk from a healthy goat is a divine delicacy. It is an essence that uplifts you.

Below you will find 3 essential principles that will make drinking milk easier and simple :

A. If you are new to raw milk : BOIL IT. Boil it for around 5 minutes, it will produced a nice thick foam (my favorite) then let it cool a little and drink it the SAME day or maximum 12 hours in the fridge. You have to remember dear reader, it is alive and lightly processed (by boiling it) so it has low self life.

B. Take or buy milk ONLY from farmers you trust and have seen how they grow and feed their animals. Preferably the best milk is from goats, second from sheep and lastly from cow. Do not get fooled by the new age “gurus” that praise cow’s milk and they associate it with ayurveda. For more on this see here .
The ideal choice is to raise goats yourself at your own farm.

C. If you drink it raw follow these guidelines :
A. Filter it. As soon as you take if from the goat or the farmer (make sure it is freshly milked if it is from a farmer) take some jars put them on the ring a milk filter ( you can find at feed stores or goat supply stores) and filter the beautiful essence.

Milk filter

B. Drink it straight up or refrigerate it. You should allow raw milk to cool as soon as possible if you are going to drink it later raw.

Last principle is equally important
D. Do not stuck at rules and guidelines. I will explain :
If you cannot find milk from healthy goats, then simply milk from healthy, NON mutated cows breed will be better (cows are unfortunately subject of a lot of mutation ) .
This means that yes, guidelines are good to exist, but let your genius open to solutions and do not restrict it. If you cannot find the ideal milk then go for the next best solution. If you can only find pasteurized, homogenized heavily processed milk then do not drink milk.

If you are not sure wether to drink milk or not, and what the benefits of good milk are then check this article. It might help you decide.

Freely tell us your thoughts on milk and its raw form and ANY questions you might have in the comments below.

Peace and strength may light your path

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