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White gold or fake gold?

Our subject for today is about the white liquid gold: Milk. Since, I described milk as white gold you must have an idea of what my opinion about it, is. Well, it depends on two main factors :

A.How, where it was produced


B. How and if it was processed

Milk is an ESSENTIAL food for the human beings in many ways, it nourishes muscles, reproductive system, provides mental clarity and calmness

… and many more. It is a meal by itself and you should drink it MOSTLY alone and without other foods.
But for milk to be a gold and healthy food we must examine the above factors, and if these factors are not satisfactory in the milk you find then do NOT drink it, simple as that.

Let us begin with factor A :
How milk was produced is mainly how the animals were fed, treated and generally lived. You surely do not want milk from hybrid animals, mistreated or even tortured because their meat and everything that comes from these poor beings IS poison. Avoid it like the plague, how? simply do not buy from mass producers like big companies and mainstream stores (you can find sometimes good milk in big stores but it depends on your country).

Find a local farmer that you can trust and buy his milk directly from him. Easy, simple and healthy choice.

Factor B is summarized in this : Unprocessed is best. But, it HAS to be from healthy animals that live in their natural habitat. Do not buy blindly raw milk from wherever you find it. Search and you will know when a good farmer has been found.

What happens when you cannot find any raw milk? Do this:
A. If you can find NON homogenized buy it even if it is pasteurized. This is your second best choice.

B. Light pasteurized is far better than heavy pasteurized. Heavy pasteurized milk is not a milk anymore it is dead and it tastes like water. Prefer a milk with low self life not one that can lost for more that 5 to 8 days.

If you ask me what is the best milk I tell you:
It is from a GOAT (no sheep, and definitely no cow) that you own or a very close one who has goats in his farm and they live outside grass feeding and being taken care of. And, it is RAW. Raw milk is a  unique subject and in my next article I will tell you how to drink raw milk. For now keep in mind that unprocessed milk from healthy animals is the best.

Look at the picture… do you think good milk can be found there?
Picture tells you that this milk is being mass produced, fast bottled in cheap plastic or carton vessels and then hurried up to fill consumer’s stomach who are oblivious of what and why they are drinking it.
Funny thing is sometimes I see in these fridges by the DOZENS milk that says on the label “produced from small family farms” it is to laugh at the marketers attempt to fool and deceive.
How is a milk, that you can find in dozens, a product of “family farming” ? it is not. They just buy milk from farmers, that are trying to make a living, for low prices and sell it high. Do NOT give any meaning to labels you see : not in milk, not in any other food. Marketing is like a lawyer it will play with words to create an image in you to make you buy it.


Short answer :
A. Goat’s
B. Sheep’s
C. Goat’s mixed with sheep’s (delicious)
D. Cow’s

With this order.

But some will say ayurveda considers cow’s milk the best of all. First, many “experts” have risen up these days and the days of new age stuff to CAPITALIZE (yes that is to just make money from you and me) on ayurveda and other ancient wisdom. So they will just follow what others say make a nice story and then try to sell you a product or a service.
Hindus regard cows as holy, but that does  not mean that a cow’s milk is the best for human consumption, goat’s (which for  ancient Greeks and for Hindus also were holy) milk is the closest you can find to mother’s milk. Yes, a goat produces milk that is almost identical to a human’s one. It has the right energy in every aspect, it is balancing and nourishing to the core.

If you cannot find an unprocessed pure goat’s milk then of course a cow’s milk, that is from a healthy free range and non-hybrid cow, will be better. Again the cows have been under massive attack since the industrialization era because they are easy and cheap to farm. They have been mutated in many ways and it is something that must and will stop. To make it easier to this madness to stop is to simply stop buying ANY product from a mass produced cow. It is good for you and me and good for this beautiful animal.
For now and if you are new at improving your diet just focus on being aware what milk you drink and slowly develop a habit to either buying lightly processed/unprocessed milk or not buying at all.

Comment below and tell  us how you use milk and what kind of milk you drink, and you can give to other fellow readers recipes that you like.
If you don’t use milk it would be good for everyone to share your reasons.
Are you interested in starting drinking raw milk? then check this article to clear your mind and make a healthy decision.

Peace and strength may light your path.

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